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Cassius Dio and the Late Roman Republic / edited by Josiah Osgood, Christopher Baron
HerausgeberOsgood, Josiah In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Josiah Osgood ; Baron, Christopher A. In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Christopher A. Baron
ErschienenLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2019
UmfangXII, 303 Seiten : Illustrationen
Includes bibliographical references and index
SerieHistoriography of Rome and its Empire ; Volume 4
SchlagwörterCassius Dio Cocceianus / Roman history In Wikipedia suchen nach Cassius Dio Cocceianus / Roman history / Rome / History / Republic, 265-30 B.C / Historiography In Wikipedia suchen nach 265-30 B.C / Historiography Rome / History / Republic / Cassius <Dio> In Wikipedia suchen nach Cassius Dio / Römisches Reich In Wikipedia suchen nach Römisches Reich / Geschichtsschreibung In Wikipedia suchen nach Geschichtsschreibung
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Introduction: Cassius Dio and the Late Roman Republic / Josiah Osgood and Christopher Baron -- Imperialism and the crisis of the Roman Republic : Dio's view on late Republican conquests (Books 36-40) / Estelle Bertrand -- Electoral bribery and the challenge to the authority of the senate : aspects of Dio's view of the Late Roman Republic (Books 36-40) / Marianne Coudry -- Wrinkles in time : chronological ruptures in Cassius Dio's narrative of the late Republic / Christopher Baron -- Dio the deviant : comparing Dio's late Republic and the parallel sources / Mads Ortving Lindholmer -- Cassius Dio and the virtuous Roman / Kathryn Welch -- The republican dictatorship : an imperial perspective / Christopher Burden-Strevens -- Spectacle entertainments in the late Republican books of Cassius Dio's Roman history / Jesper Carlsen -- Cassius Dio's catiline : "a name greater than his deeds deserved" / Gianpaolo Urso -- Dio and the voice of the Sibyl / Josiah Osgood -- Responding to civil war : M. Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus and Caelius Rufus in Cassius Dio, Book 42 / Andrew G. Scott -- Cassius Dio on Sextus Pompeius and late Republican civil war / Carsten Hjort Lange -- Like father like son : the differences in how Dio tells the story of Julius Caesar and his more successful son / Jesper Majbom Madsen -- Towards the conceptualization of Cassius Dio's narration of the early career of Octavian / Konstantin V. Markov.

"Cassius Dio's Roman History is an essential, yet still undervalued, source for modern historians of the late Roman Republic. The papers in this volume show how his account can be used to gain new perspectives on such topics as the memory of the conspirator Catiline, debates over leadership in Rome, and the nature of alliance formation in civil war. Contributors also establish Dio as fully in command of his narrative, shaping it to suit his own interests as a senator, a political theorist, and, above all, a historian. Sophisticated use of chronology, manipulation of annalistic form, and engagement with Thucydides are just some of the ways Dio engages with the rich tradition of Greco-Roman historiography to advance his own interpretations. Contributors are: Christopher Baron, Estelle Bertrand, Christopher Burden-Strevens, Jesper Carlsen, Marianne Coudry, Carsten Hjort Lange, Mads Ortving Lindholmer, Jesper Majbom Madsen, Konstantin V. Markov, Josiah Osgood, Andrew G. Scott, Gianpaolo Urso, Kathryn Welch"--