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Distributed coordination theory for robot teams / Ashton Roza, Manfredi Maggiore, Luca Scardovi
VerfasserRoza, Ashton In Wikipedia suchen nach Ashton Roza ; Maggiore, Manfredi In Wikipedia suchen nach Manfredi Maggiore ; Scardovi, Luca In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Luca Scardovi
ErschienenCham : Springer, [2022]
Umfangxiii, 149 Seiten : Illustrationen
SerieLecture notes in control and information sciences ; Volume 490
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Distributed Coordination Theory for Robot Teams develops control algorithms to coordinate the motion of autonomous teams of robots in order to achieve some desired collective goal. It provides novel solutions to foundational coordination problems, including distributed algorithms to make quadrotor helicopters rendezvous and to make ground vehicles move in formation along circles or straight lines. The majority of the algorithms presented in this book can be implemented using on-board cameras. The book begins with an introduction to coordination problems, such as rendezvous of flying robots, and modelling. It then provides a solid theoretical background in basic stability, graph theory and control primitives. The book discusses the algorithmic solutions for numerous distributed control problems, focusing primarily on flying robotics and kinematic unicycles. Finally, the book looks to the future, and suggests areas discussed which could be pursued in further research. This book will provide practitioners, researchers and students in the field of control and robotics new insights in distributed multi-agent systems